‘I came in to see Dr Franks due to poor digestion, allergies, sinus headaches, anxiety and depression. She ran an allergen blood panel which showed a high amount of food allergies. I proceeded to eliminate all my food allergens over the past two months and the results were amazing! I no longer suffer from poor digestion, anxiety, depression and all my allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms have greatly improved. I am convinced that a lifestyle of healthier eating will continue to support my overall health.”

JC Snohomish 2016

‘Dr Franks is amazing! I’ve had visual migraines for years that would happen 3-4 times a week.  After seeing many doctors and being on many medications with terrible side effects, they told me there was no way to get rid of them and it was just something I would have to live with.  I decided to see a Naturopath to see if they could help… I found Dr Franks.  She took the time and listened to my concerns, took the time to find the answers to my problems… and now for the last 3 years I don’t have migraines ever any more and I don’t take a bunch of medications that make me feel like a zombie.  She is the best! Thank you!!!”

Kate Davis, 2016

“I just wanted to send a quick note saying how happy I am with my service from Olivia Franks. I had been suffering from severe stomach pain since February 2012. After seeing multiple other doctors, I was referred to your clinic through the positive recommendations of several co-workers. I started seeing Olivia in June. Finally, this month, she has helped my stomach pain go away! Not only that, we are now focused on bringing me to optimal health. She is always willing to order lab tests to make sure I am totally healthy. She is very honest about costs and is very well educated about every condition. I haven’t felt painless in months, until now. Dr. Franks has helped me to get past my current chronic pain issues and onto maintaining great health. Thank you!”

12/4/2012 ~ Anonymous, Marysville, WA

‘Dr Franks has great expertise in the area of Bioidentical Hormones, and has helped me tremendously to navigate peri-menopause.  On top of that, the hormone tests revealed that I had adrenal fatigue, which we are successfully treating.  I could go on and talk about all the problems she’s successfully treated, but the bottom line is that in only three months I felt better than I’ve felt in YEARS and I now have a doctor I can trust to find the correct diagnosis and suggest a safe and effective treatment for the cause – not the symptoms. Dr Franks has given me my life back.  I literally feel like a new person.  I have energy, I’m free of congestion and my immune system is strong again.  I feel like I want to get out of the house and do things, meet new people, and get back into my career. I love feeling well and optimistic! If you wonder where your energy has gone, why you get sick every winter, and why you simply feel unmotivated, don’t wait another minute.  Don’t accept less than complete wellness, just because you’re sick again.  Make an appointment to see Dr Franks and get real answers and safe, effective treatment.’

Melissa 2011

“Dr Franks Thank you for helping me on my journey to feel better.  I appreciate the excellent care and concern.  I am truly blessed to have you as my ND”