Dr. Olivia Franks, ND

Our goal is to guide you to optimal health by getting to the roots of the problem with modern diagnostics, restoring wellness with proven natural remedies. It is an honor to guide each individual on this journey.


'I came in to see Dr Franks due to poor digestion, allergies, sinus headaches, anxiety and depression. She ran an allergen blood panel which showed a high amount of food allergies. I proceeded to eliminate all my food allergens over the past two months and the results were amazing! I no longer suffer from poor digestion, anxiety, depression and all my allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms have greatly improved. I am convinced that a lifestyle of healthier eating will continue to support my overall health."

JC Snohomish 2016

"Dr Franks Thank you for helping me on my journey to feel better. I appreciate the excellent care and concern. I am truly blessed to have you as my ND"

12/4/2012 ~ Jennifer